FAIRBIZPS™   is ISO:9001:2015, ISO:13485:2015, ISO:14001:2005, CE & GMP certified MSME Organization.  You can see details of our entire product range at . The “Hosmed Division”  of  FAIRBIZPS GROUP  is a one stop shopping point for various National and & international hospitals, nursing homes, Doctors, stockiest, health departments,  veterinary departments, Ministry of Health, new entrepreneurs etc.   Our Goods are being purchased by National & International Govt Organizations, Aid & Relief Agencies, NGOs, Stockiest, End-users, Farmers, Importers / Traders and Merchant Exporters from India.    Presents Cold Chain Solutions for Food & Medicines   Product Range     Vaccine Carriers                                 Cold Boxes                                           Ice Packs                 Gel packs                                              Vaccine Refrigerators                     Solar Driven Vaccine Refrigerators